SeaPlane Ops - An AeroCheck Enterprises, LLC Company - Your Grumman Albatross Specialists
About Us
What is SeaPlane Ops
  • SeaPlane Ops is the only single source for acquisition, restoration and operating management, professional training, crewing, maintenance and parts sourcing for the Albatross and other large seaplanes worldwide

  • We seek to coalesce the efforts of a new generation of seaplane pilots and mechanics; our mission it is to bring professional standards and airline - level safety to the operation of large, ocean going seaplanes

  • In conjunction with our website, SeaPlane Ops has developed and maintains an extensive database of aircraft, parts, mechanics, pilots and other support services to support the Grumman Albatross and other seaplanes worldwide

  • SeaPlane Ops offers initial type ratings, recurrent training, SIC Type Ratings (now required for international operations), maintenance training and periodic training seminars.

  • SeaPlane Ops combines the following unique resources for you
    • Professional aircraft acquisition, restoration and maintenance management
    • Professional airline - level training
    • Worldwide dispatch support
    • A comprehensive database of Albatross rated pilots
    • A database of experienced mechanics
    • An extensive listing of qualified parts suppliers
    • Online worldwide parts search capability
    • Comprehensive, accurate aircraft histories
    • A complete library of Albatross Maintenance manuals
    • Dedicated professional pilots and mechanics committed to your success

Recent projects that SeaPlane Ops has been associated with:
QuikSilver Crossing Albatross Project -
Boulder City 2004 Albatross Event -
Clear Lake Splash In 2005-2011 -
Humanitarian Relief Flights to Haiti
Has provided Instructor Support for USAF Test Pilots School
Provided aircraft for filming of The Expendables
Provided aircraft for filming of Dark Knight
Provided aircraft for filming of Rum Diarys